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A9 Budget Binder | A9 Wallet | Cash Stuffing Wallet | Cash Wallet

A9 Budget Binder | A9 Wallet | Cash Stuffing Wallet | Cash Wallet

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Primary color
Pebbled Leather A9 Cash Budget Wallet

This A9 binder wallet has 3 rings and a button clasp to keep it closed. Like any binder, you want to avoid pulling at the rings themselves. It is best to push the tab buttons to open and close them to prevent injury or misalignment of the rings. The rings are attached to the outside of the interior pocket. Be mindful to not be so harsh with the wallet to avoid unhinging the rings from the fabric as the rings are intended to move fluidly with the wallet system.

Wallet comes with a small pen loop as well as a clear card slot on the left side and another pocket on the right side. It also has a pocket in the bag for receipts or dollar bills.

I have shown a comparison photo of the A9 Binder compared to my A7 Binder for size reference!

A9 Binder ONLY. If you are interested in more accessories, you can check out the rest of the products in my shop!

height: 4 1/8in.
width closed: 3.5in.
width opened: 8in.
rings: 3 3/8in and 1 1/8th spaced apart.
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